The certified workforce of the "Nefeli" Vocational Training Center is:

▪Mr. Sarafidis Konstantinos - Graduate Geologist, as CEO of K.E.K ..

▪Instructing Director of K.E.K.

▪Mr. Paradelis Panagiotis - Sociologist as Head of Socially Vulnerable Groups.

▪Ms. Anna Agorastidou - Philologist, as Coordinator of Training Actions.

▪Ms. Giamali Ioanna - Graduate of Technical Vocational Institute, as Secretary - Computer Operatοr

Of course, the Inter-Municipal A gency of the Western Countryside of Thessaloniki in addition to the aforementioned human resources, for the purpose of orderly and efficient operation and depending on the course of the projects it implements proceed to signs contracts with a large number of scientific staff, in order to meet the current needs.