On May 2, 2017, the implementation of the Act "Community Center of the Municipality of Chalkidona" by the Inter-Municipal Agency of the Western Countryside of Thessaloniki "Nefeli" began.

The "Community Center of the Municipality of Chalkidona" is a new structure with innovative features, in terms of its services, which operates in addition to the social service of the Municipality of Chalkidona.

The aim of their operation is to provide a set of social services aimed at combating poverty, social exclusion, all forms of discrimination and enhancing employment in the region.

This new structure offers counseling services to vulnerable groups for social integration and finding work, psychological support to citizens living in conditions of poverty and social exclusion,   information on health issues, development of actions for children, activation of volunteering for taking initiatives on social and environmental issues, etc.

The Community Center of the Municipality of Chalkidona is housed at 35 Filippou Street, in Koufalia and is staffed by three Social Workers and a Psychologist.

This structure operates five days a week from Monday to Friday, on an eight-hour basis and specifically, from 8.00 am - 16.00 pm.

The "Community Center of the Municipality of Chalkidona" has a total Budget of € 432,000.00 and is co-financed by Greece and the European Union (European Social Fund).