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Chief Technology Office, NATO

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Duty Location: The Hague (NLD) or Brussels (BEL)
Principal Scientist
Chief Technology Office (CTO)
Grade: A4
Reference Number: A4-CTO-2073-12-NLD

This is a position within the NATO C3 Agency (NC3A), an organization of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
The NC3A serves the Alliance through unbiased application of scientific and technical support, and C4ISR(Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) acquisition expertise;
On behalf of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and reporting to the Chief Engineer, the incumbent is responsiblefor providing support to the development and implementation of standardized and tailored ITIL v3 Transition andChange Management Processes to be used by NATO for capability delivery. Coordination with other NATOservice provisioning authorities is required.

The incumbent will be responsible for providing overall technical direction, guidance, and support to programmeand project managers and occasional enforcement of technical policy across the Agency's programme of work,based on the standardized Agency processes. The incumbent will be responsible for helping ensure the technicalquality of deliverables, to drive effectiveness (i.e. capabilities satisfying the operational user and maximisinginteroperability), efficiency (i.e. to minimise the cost of delivery by identifying and prevent overlaps across projectsand programmes and maximising reuse) and agility (delivering capabilities and helping introduce new technologies quickly);

The incumbent will achieve these goals through focusing on a number of high priority programmes and projectswithin the Agency and providing guidance and review at various gates across the lifecycle of a capability. These
may include events such as project start-up, TBCE, statements of work, design reviews and test events;The incumbent will be expected to become familiar with the broad portfolio of work of the Agency and NATO in order to be able to identify synergies across the portfolio. This will include familiarity with architectural development work and technical standards, as well as a good knowledge of emerging technological developments in relevant areas;
The incumbent will also be expected to work closely with DSA-ACT and ACT staff (in conjunction with CTO colleagues) to improve the linkages between the ACT SPOW and EPOW and subsequent acquisition programmes.The aim is to assist in the direction and governance of the Agency's work for ACT in order to introduce greaterstrategic guidance and to make better use of the results, increase reuse and reduce the subsequent effort, risks and costs associated with related acquisition programmes.
Under the direction of the Chief Engineer, the incumbent will perform duties such as the following:
- Strategic Planning:
  • Annually contribute to the development of the CTO's three-year Strategic Plan that will define how thevarious competency areas should develop to best support Agency Strategic Objectives such as businessdevelopment, coherency improvement, and competency development. He/she is expected to provide significant input to this plan and, through it, influence the overall Agency strategy with particular emphasis on technical governance.
- Technical Leadership:
  • Provide technical leadership and expertise in one or more areas of C4ISR with good understanding of other areas, ensuring state-of-the-art solutions and a technically coherent overview of the Agency's and NATO's activities;
  • Make recommendations for the CTO to develop, tailor, publish and enforce use of best practices,standards, methodologies and tools.
- Project Coherence:
  • On behalf of the CTO, ensure coherent approaches (e.g. tools, data, concepts and methodologies) acrossall Agency project activities through management and participation in formal gated reviews during theproject lifecycle as well as through ad hoc engagement with programme and project managers and theirteams;
  • Identification of programmes and projects that should be prioritised for support and guidance from CTO in order to derive maximum coherency benefit for the Agency, NATO and the Nations;
  • On behalf of the CTO, provide technical direction for production (Capability Area Teams Chiefs and staff)in his/her domain of competence by ensuring that appropriate concepts are correctly applied during project execution;
- Professional Knowledge and Standards:
  • Define professional standards/competency requirements for professionals within the Agency in his/her domain of expertise;
- Performs other duties as may be required.
Experience and Education:
- A university degree in a relevant scientific or engineering discipline equivalent to a Master's. Exceptionally, the lack of a Master's degree may be compensated by a lower academic qualification combined with the demonstration of particular abilities or experience of relevance to this post;
- At least 8 years of experience with theoretical and practical knowledge of research and development and/or acquisition of C4ISR systems, defence planning or operational analysis
- Knowledge and experience with industry best practise in the area of systems engineering and service management;
- Knowledge of one or more disciplines in the area of C4ISR, defence planning or operational analysis;
- Proven ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing with good briefing skills.
Desirable Experience and Education:
- Experience with architectural modelling approaches such as TOGAF, NAF or national equivalents;
- Experience with OGC ITIL and TMF FRAMEWORX;
- Familiarity with the NISP;
- Formal qualifications in management;
- Knowledge of NATO responsibilities and organization, including ACO and ACT;
- Prior experience of working in an international environment comprising both military and civilian elements.
Language Proficiency:
- A thorough knowledge of one of the two NATO languages, both written and spoken, is essential and some knowledge of the other is desirable.

- NOTE: Most of the work of the NATO C3 Agency is conducted in the English language.
Personal Attributes:
- The incumbent should possess the personal qualities of tact, judgement and adaptability as well as good political awareness and motivational and listening skills. In addition, a sense of diplomacy and propriety in order to work harmoniously with colleagues and other staff, both civilian and military, from NATO and the NATO nations, as well as with staff from private scientific/industrial organizations is needed.
- Business travel to NATO and national (NATO and non-NATO) facilities as well as frequent travel between the Hague, the Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium offices;
- May be required to undertake duty travel to operational theatres inside and outside NATO boundaries.
Professional Contacts:
The incumbent is responsible for:
  • Maintaining a close relationship with colleagues in the Agency working on C4ISR projects in order to
maintain awareness of the portfolio of work;
  • Maintaining an external network of competency related to areas of C4ISR capabilities.

Supervisory/Guidance Duties:
- Provide professional mentorship, guidance, direction and instruction to staff of the Agency.
Working Environment:
- Normal office environment.
Security Clearance Level: NATO Secret
Starting Salary and Contract Offer:
- Starting basic monthly salary is ?6,969.13 and is exempt from income tax. Additional allowances may apply
depending on the personal circumstances of the successful candidate.
- This post is offered for an initial period of 3 years, which may be renewed for subsequent periods, subject to
satisfactory performance and the need to rotate skills and talent within the Agency. Serving civilian members
of NATO will be offered a contract in accordance with the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations.
How to apply:
To apply for this position, you must complete an application form together with Post Requirements Form
(quoting reference "A4-CTO-2073-12-NLD") and send it to Αυτή η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου προστατεύεται από κακόβουλη χρήση. Χρειάζεται να ενεργοποιήσετε την Javascript για να τη δείτε. . by close of business:
Monday, 2 July 2012

It is intended that the interviews will take place in the week of 6 August 2012.
- Candidates who are serving civilian members of NATO are requested to mention their telephone extension in their applications. Applications from serving civilian members of NATO should be made through thecandidate's Head of Service, or through the Human Resources/Personnel Section of the NATO Body,whichever is appropriate.
- Applications from candidates who do not meet the required qualifications will not be taken into consideration.
- Please note that curriculum vitae will not be accepted, unless accompanied by a completed application formand post requirements form. Applications not submitted on the NATO application form will not be taken intoconsideration. NATO C3 Agency application forms can be downloaded from the internet at https://www.nc3a.nato.int/Opportunities/Pages/Vacancies.aspx

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