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Highly skilled professional health and nursing staff in Aachen University Hospital

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Aachen University Hospital -
Join us and discover the potential of health care, medical scienceand nursing.

With about 5,800 employees, 34 medical clinics and 25 scientific institutes, Aachen University Hospital offers its patients the absolute maximum of health care available
in the German health care sector. Our patients expect world class medical results -our employees strive for excellence every day afresh.

. working in a really nice team
. having a really safe job with a wealth of fascinating employment options
. earning good wages and paying into one of the world's best pension systems
. being one of the core players in world class medicine and cutting edge medical research
. living in vibrant, young and cosmopolitan university town in the middle of Europe

You like the idea? Then Aachen University Hospital might just be the right place for you! We should get to know each other!

We are recruiting highly skilled professional health and nursing staff throughout Europe. If you join our team, you will be providing world class care for our patients. We are one of Germany's largest and best hospitals - which means that we are
growing constantly. For you as a health care or nursing professional, this means an enormous variety of exiting openings in top clinical care, such as:
. in our operations department (32 operating rooms) - we need you both for anaesthesia and same day/outpatient surgery,
. in one of our seven intensive care units (five surgical, two for internal medicine)
. in our neurological intensive care unit with a certificated stroke unit,
. in our pediatric and newborn intensive care unit
. in our intermediate care units
. in numerous standard care wards (surgical and internal medicine)
. in general pediatrics and youth medicine including a specialised center for child and youth oncology
. in general and specialised service settings, such as patient transport and general ward management duties

Perks and Benefits
We offer attractive and safe jobs with great career opportunities, a role-model based leadership culture and the highest technical standards in health care and science.
We take particular pride in the numerous advanced vocational training options for our staff. You will have a wide range of opportunities for your professional and personal
advancement. And the best about it: It's completely free, and time spent in suchprogrammes is counted as working time. Additional benefits of our include an extensive health promotion and preservation program for our employees - equallycompletely free of charge.

All new employees are trained for their individual jobs in specialised on-the-jobtrainings in small groups tutored by competent and experienced nurses - so you know exactly what your new job is all about. We guarantee regular feedback talksand close ties to your personal mentor - they are there to help you become a part of the team quickly and easily.

In your first months at Aachen University Hospital we will actively support you in theacquisition or deepening of your German language skills. They will count eventually - so we'll give you all the help you need. Lastly: We know and appreciate that yourfamily will probably stay in Greece - so we are prepared to accommodate all your special needs for your vacation plannings.

Aachen is a great place to live - right in the centre of Europe, with the Netherlands and Belgium actually just a few hundreds of metres away from your new place of work, you'll love culture, nightlife, food and the young, studenty crowd that is a hallmark of one of Germany's fastest-growing Universities.

Fur further information please don't hesitate - contact Markus Belten and Michael Winand, they will answer questions quickly and competently.

Please send your CV and your application to:
. Aachen University Hospital,
Chief Nursing Executive
Heinz-Josef Pelzer
Kullenhofstrasse 50
D-52074 Aachen

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